When Mike first approached me about the Tree Reading, I had not thought it would be
quite as profound as it turned out to be. You see, I have always been critical of myself and
bared the criticism of others, so this was a lesson in being OK with whatever happened to
be revealed. I was in the time of transition in my life at the time, really re-evaluating my past
and releasing the negativity it held. I was growing and reaching for something more...

Mike's comments really hit the nail on the head. He touched on the growth, the entrapment of
the past. He made me feel as if he knew me, although we had never rolex replica met. We are indeed
kindred souls, he is kind and a knowing friend.  

Thanks Mike,

   My tree reading came at the right time. Michael’s words embodied where I am in my
life. His calming, nonjudgmental persona made me feel comfortable with him looking into my
soul. His reading allowed me to look at myself rolex replica uk retrospectively, and for that, I am forever
grateful. No matter your age, sex, religion, or phase of life, everyone ould benefit from
Michael's insightful gift.  

Shae, Kentucky

   I am amazed at how well Michael is able to read me based on my tree-drawing.
Not only was his reading accurate but it allowed me to reflect on my life.  

John, Ohio

   My tree reading really spoke to me and opened up feelings and thoughts that I
have suppressed and not rolex replica reflected on in a while. It now has given me a chance to look at
my life and figure out why I am the way I am.  

Nikki, Ohio