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      Please upload your drawing on the form below. The fee to have your tree read is $12.
Click the 'Pay Now' button. Pay either with PayPal or using your debit/credit card. If the tree
reading gives you information that resonates and you want further information, I provide a 30
minute reading for $42. If you have any questions regarding the rolex replica sale upload process, visit the FAQ
page. If you have any questions that the FAQ page can't answer or general questions, use the
email address found on the Contact page.

Uploading your tree:
Use pen or pencil only
      No paints or colors

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If your upload form doesn't display within a few seconds, please check the FAQ or contact us at We'd love to help out!

***Disclaimer: The tree reading or any readings in the future is rolex replica sale intended for information that may serve you or others. The tree
reader is not engaged in rendering any psychological or legal services. Tree drawing interpretation
it's not meant to take the place of any rolex replica sale type of professional counseling.***